Our AirBags are all modeled on the requirements of stuntmen and extreme sports people, making them the only choice for safety on set. We have a wide variety of bags designed to cope with vertical falls from height, or oblique impacts at speed, meaning we can provide a safe landing in any circumstances.

Our team will work with producers and stunt coordinators to ensure that we get the shot you need, without compromising safety.

TheAirBag.net remain on set to ensure that the bag is operating correctly and advise stunt coordinators of any changes in conditions.

Great for:

TV Shows | Vertical drops | Failsafe scenarios | Bike. Car or Snow Stunts |


TheAirBag.net will work with producers and stunt coordinators to meet the specific needs of each filming scenario.

Documentation Provided:

All activities are subject to a comprehensive Risk Assessment. A detailed Method Statement will be provided, along with all other relevant health and safety documentation.