provides aerial progression with safe landings! Combining a huge soft airbag with a classic kicker is a recipe for big air and new tricks.

Our AirBag system makes it possible for anyone, of any cycling ability to push themselves to their limit and experience the thrill of attempting a bike jump or trick. Newbies will love the experience and experienced cyclists will relish the chance to nail their next level tricks. were the first company in the UK to bring this exciting activity to the market and have over 10 years experience in all types of FreeSports.

 Whether you have a team of seasoned professionals, or newbies looking to land their first tricks, will take care of everyone.

Bikes can be provided, or riders can use their own, subject to a safety check. Every participant will show to show a suitable level of competence for the tricks they are attempting, and our experienced team will always include an experienced rider to offer advise and guidance.

Riders can go faster, harder and higher, thanks to the very latest Landsafe technology underneath them!

Our AirBag systems have become some of the most trusted training facilities in the world. This is due to the multi-chambered safety system with controlled dismount design. This allows variable pressure and cushioning in the bag on both chambers, providing ultimate control of the bag to maximise its use in all conditions and circumstances.

All of our bike bags have been designed specifically to safely capture a rider from the air, and have been tested to deal with a huge range of situations. Over the years we have seen everything thrown at these bags (literally) and have been impressed by their ability to cope. This is supported by third party certification supplier TÜV SÜD. ensure that the bag is run correctly and safely by providing a minimum of two fully trained operatives for the duration of the hire. We also make sure everyone is capable of using the bag and that their equipment is suitable. All users must wear a helmet and each rider is given a safety briefing before taking their first jump. We take pride on our fantastic safety record whilst making sure that we remain as exciting and accessible as possible

Great For:

Bike Events | Festivals | Parks | Clubs | Community Groups


15m x 40m of firm ground is required, ideally sloping towards the bag, with at least 8m clear headroom and 240v power supply.

Documentation Provided

All bike activities are subject to a comprehensive Risk Assessment. A detailed Method Statement will be provided, along with all other relevant health and safety documentation.