In the competitive world of Obstacle Course Racing, it’s all about providing the most challenging and exciting obstacles. TheAirBag makes a great addition to any mud race, introducing a muddy leap of faith that everyone loves. A quick online search for runner feedback soon reveals just how popular a big drop obstacle proves to be.

We have several years experience in managing mud runs and understand the unique issues OCR can present. We work closely with organisers to ensure the obstacle will create the correct balance between a challenging jump without creating a bottleneck on the course.

Our experienced team are used to keeping jumpers jumping, and queues to a minimum.

Our team can get involved at the planning stage, or we can conduct a site visit to advise on the best location and platform choices.

Great For:

Any type of Obstacle Course Race!


TheAirBag requires at least 10m x 8m of flat firm ground, with at least 8m clear headroom and 240v power supply.

Documentation Provided

All OCR activities are subject to a comprehensive Risk Assessment. A detailed Method Statement will be provided, along with all other relevant health and safety documentation