Samsung @ Tough Mudder

Samsung @ Tough Mudder

Samsung are an official partner of the huge global success that is Tough Mudder, and specifically sponsor “Kong”, the hang tough experience with a giant airbag.

Samsung wanted to showcase their new technologies such as their 360 degree camera, whilst offering visitors the chance to experience a flavour of “Kong”.

The Brief

To engage with visitors on the Samsung stand, both those participating in Tough Mudder, and those there to support their friends and family. To offer a flavour of the Tough Mudder experience and provide a souvenir of the experience.

The Solution

Samsung had created a viewing gallery on top of the stand, so we added an option to exit via gymnasium style rings at one end.

By mounting a 360 degree camera above the drop, could pull-up close and pose for a photo like no other. After the photo, they simply raised their legs and dropped into the custom branded AirBag below.

The Delivery

The height of the rings proved tricky to settle on, as they had to be high enough for tall people to hang, but low enough for shorter participants to reach. After a couple of adjustments, we settled on a 4 ring solution that worked well.

With a drop of just 3m, this was a fairly low risk activity, although some still struggled to let go of the rings!

The AirBag was custom branded to add the Samsung logo to the photograph and all staff were given branded clothing.


Samsung were delighted with the execution of their plan, with hundreds of participants enjoying the activation, as well as sharing their contact details in order to receive their free photograph by email.

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