Bridgestone @ the Golf Masters

Bridgestone @ the Golf Masters

Bridgestone Tyres are a global Olympic Partner and were looking for a partner to showcase their support of the amazing bronze medal wining diver, Chris Myers.

The Brief

As part of Bridgestone’s global IOC Olympic Partnership and “Chase Your Dream, No Matter What” campaign, Bridgestone UK used local golf sponsorships such as the Bridgestone Challenge and British Masters, supported by Sky Sports, to communicate the Olympic campaign and reinforce the product truth that Bridgestone tyres keep you safe and on track in any conditions. The campaign celebrates the Olympic spirit of perseverance inspiring everyone to overcome adversity to realise their dreams.

The Solution

In the Bridgestone Olympic Games Pavilion (in the activation zone at golf events), Bridgestone offered a variety of experiential activities. One of these was Take the Plunge with Chris Mears” which encouraged consumers to overcome the anxiety and fear of the unknown.

In collaboration with TheAirBag, consumers were to take the plunge from a 5m tower as usual but be unaware of the airbag system that was there to catch them below.

The Delivery

This execution presented a few challenges for the team at TheAirBag, as we needed to balance safety with the delivery of a experience that required participants to jump without knowing what they would land in.

In order to achieve this safely, we strapped our jump master into the tower with a harness, and Bridgestone customers were dropped backwards into a dark cavernous hole filled with mist.

In order to ‘hide’ TheAirBag, a large screen was placed around it on ground level and a matt black topsheet helped to make it invisible in the dark.

Finally, the smoke machine was controlled by the jump master, creating a truly terrifying experience, being dropped into the unknown!

The Results

By working closely with Bridgetone’s agency, and not being afraid to offer guidance on execution, the final experience at this activation was simply stunning.

“We’ve come across many suppliers who would provide us with a solution that could work, however, The Airbag gave us not only a couple of solutions, but really hit the nail on the head by linking this activity to the Olympic campaign and celebrating the spirit of perseverance Moreover, they have been very professional and ‘always on’ during events despite long hours. Their enthusiasm, willingness to help and ability to change have been a breath of fresh air and I’m really looking forward to work with them again on future projects”

Nives Zver
We Are Fearless

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