FreeDrop by offers everyone the chance to release their inner daredevil and make like a stuntman, by throwing themselves from the top of a high tower and experiencing the ultimate land-based freefall experience.

It soon becomes the main attraction at any event, with an endless supply of willing participants and huge crowds gathering to encourage and cheer nervous jumpers.

TheAirBag FreeDrop utilises the Land Safe Technology already employed in our freesports AirBag and brings it to a wider audience.

By combining our expertise in AirBag systems with our custom made jump towers, TheAirBag FreeDrop offers one of the most exhilarating event experiences in the UK.

TheAirBag FreeDrop bags have been designed specifically for this kind of activity and include a host of technical advances that allow for safe landings and reliable operation. Many of our bags allow for multiple jumpers, ensuring we are able to process large numbers of people with minimum wait times. If you’re looking to add something new and exciting to your next event, the AirBag FreeDrop is hard to beat

Adapted to your brand

We have worked with dozens of International brands to tailor the FreeDrop experience for a specific need or marketing message.

In the last year alone, we have worked with Bridgstone at the Golf Masters, Ford at Goodwood, Samsung at Tough Mudder and provided a superhero experience at Carfest North and South.

FreeDrop also features at many of the large scouting festivals, international airshows, race circuits and more.

Great for:

Festivals | County Shows | Parties | Airshows | Scouting Events | Corporate Events | Sporting Events |


FreeDrop requires at least 10m x 8m of flat ground, with at least 8m clear headroom and 240v power supply.

Documentation Provided

All FreeDrop activities are subject to a comprehensive Risk Assessment. A detailed Method Statement will be provided, along with all other relevant health and safety documentation. All participants must sign a registration form before completing the activity; those under 16 must have a responsible adult present

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